Corporate securities custody and depositary service

This service is intended for individuals and legal entities, which hold corporate securities issued by other persons by property right or as individuals.

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK is a member to Securities Registration and Settlement Unified System, and was granted Account Operator status by ''Central Depository of Armenia'' OJSC.

In the capacity of Account Operator, the bank mediates corporate securities custody service, proceeding any legal instruction related to custody of corporate securities, made by the client.

The list of documents required for execution of contract on custody of corporate securities.



a) Filled in account holder card, to be provided to the account holder at the Bank,

b) natural person ID, and in case of authorized representative, the latter’s ID.


Legal Entities

a) At opening of securities account, the legal entity shall submit to the Bank account holder card, which is provided at the Bank. The card is signed by the account holder authorized representative and is sealed with the seal of legal entity (if any), in case under incorporation documents of the given legal entity that person is the authorized representative of that legal entity and is entitled act on behalf of the legal entity without Power of Attorney.

b) the ID of authorized representative.


ATTENTION. In the process of execution of the contract there may be a need to provide additional information and documents, aiming at ensuring proper custody of securities.

Within the scope of corporate securities custody, the Bank performs the following types of security transfers:

a) Free service delivery or ST transfer,

b) Delivery versus Payment or DVP transfer,

c) Free of Payment delivery upon consent or FOP transfers,

d) Transfer of securities portfolio or portfolio transfer,


Learn about  corporate securities custody service tariffs here. 

 For additional information, please, call 31-88-88 or visit any branch of the Bank.