Social and environmental responsibility

It is well and widely known that the geographical shell of the Earth, specifically the biosphere, is the only environment where humankind lives and develops. Nonetheless, it is precisely the man and his actions that create imbalances in this environment, contaminate it, make this environment less conducive or even, at times, completely inconducive or dangerous for human life. 
Dedicated to mitigate and minimize possible social and environmental risks, ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK CJSC introduced a social and environmental risk management system in April 2011, which allows the Bank to effectively control possible risks of adverse effect on the nature and humankind that may exist in transactions financed by the Bank. During the setup of this risk management system, the Bank cooperated with a number of reputable international financial organizations, who were all very eager to transfer the best experience and skills in social and environmental protection. A large number of Bank employees were trained by qualified staff from these international financial organizations. 
With the new system in place, starting from April 2011, any activity financed by the Bank undergoes a risk assessment procedure prior to extending financing, which includes the assessment of possible damage to the health, security and well-being of the population. 



In this respect, the Bank’s main tasks are

to adequately assess the social and environmental risks inherent in every financing transaction;

not to finance any activity that poses strong adverse effect risk; 

It should also be noted that the Bank supports social and environmental protection projects. The Bank encourages energy saving and the use of alternative energy sources among its consumers. The Bank is also ready to hold social discussions on topics related to social and environmental protection.