From now on you can insure your car in the branches of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK

You will receive reimbursement

  • For personal losses (injury caused to the health of the victim salary (income) lost as a result of it, as well as the death of the victim)
  • For damage caused to the victim’s property (damage of vehicle, destruction or loss, injury or loss of a property attached to an adjunct or existing in it)

Maximum size of reimbursement

1,800,000 AMD

For injury to the property

3,300,000 AMD

For personal injuries of each victim

10,000,000 AMD

For all victims with one insurance accident

11,800,000 AMD

Total for 1 accident

List of required documents

  • Passports (ID) of insurer, authorized drivers, driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration document or customs declaration
  • If the insurer is not the owner of the car – a document (state registration certificate of ownership right, trade agreement, heritage right certificate, financial lease agreement, power of attorney) certifying the authorization of the insurer.


For CMTPL agreements for 1 year ,  for up to 1 year 

“Bonus-Malus” system