Implementation of communal payments

Currently you can already save your time while making your communal payments without attending the Bank. It means that you visit any branch of the Bank only once, you sign the corresponding recommendation, and the Bank itself makes the monthly payments from your current account for the communal services you get. 

You may do the following:

  • payment of gas bill
  • payment of electricity bill
  • payment of water bill ("Hayjrmughkoyughi" ("ArmWaterpipeSewerage") CJSC and "Yerevan-Jur" (Yerevan-Water) CJSC)
  • payment of telephone bill
  • charging of ArmenTel’s mobiles’ depository cards, as well as payment of post-payment cards’ monthly bill  

You will be provided with the following opportunities:

  • you may make a recommendation from any branch of the Bank in any region of Armenia for any payment of any communal bill registered in any place
  • due to recurrent recommendation your communal bills will be paid without your visit to the Bank
  • the payments may also be made by the credit line of the card account, if your card account does not have the corresponding amounts of money
  • at the end of the month you will get your current account’s extract via e-mail, you will see the flow of your funds
  • telephone bills transferred to ArmenTel are immediately reflected in the data base of ArmenTel, which gives an opportunity to pay off the debt immediately.

With the help of recurrent recommendation you may

  • define concrete amount of money for each communal bill (i.e. no more than AMD 10.000). If the monthly bill is more than the amount you have mentioned than the money is not transferred.
  • transfer the amount of the debt that you will have at the end of the month.