Receipt of money transfers through the call


 Why to use the service of Receipt of money transfers through the call?



CONVENIENT AND MODERN way of getting money transfers

You often get money transfers but you are short of time to visit the Bank. We offer You an express and modern way of getting Your transfer : Receipt of money transfers through the call. You can get Your money transfer sent from abroad through Avers, MoneyGram, Bistraya Pochta, Unistream, Anelik, RIA Money Transfer, XPRESS MONEY money transfer systems without having to visit the Bank by just calling 31 88 88.

In order to make use of this service You can visit the Bank and order ACBA-Transfer card completely FREE OF CHARGE.


Making use of the FREE service of the receipt of money transfers through the call You will have the chance 

  • to save Your time
  • to make use of a more convenient currency exchange for non-cash transactions 
  • to obtain ACBA-Transfer card FREE OF CHARGE without annual service fee and with 0 % cash withdrawal commision
  • to get Your money transfer abroad with Maestro cards.




From now on customers receiving their money transfers through the call and having fixed documentary income will have the opportunity to take installment loans, student loans, gold pledge loans and other consumer loans at the interest rate which is by 2 % lower than the determined annual interest rate in the Bank at the given moment (with the exception of loans fully secured with cash resources and installment loans at the annual interest rate of 0%).To order the card You can visit the Head Office of the Bank or any branch from Monday till Friday from 9:30 till 16:30 and show your passport.In case of any inconsistencies between the published Armenian and English information, the Armenian version prevails.